Offering a low interest loans for nonprofits working to improve our community

The Wells Foundation has developed a loan program that is the basis of our economic betterment effort. This new approach allow Wells support to be recycled over time or leveraged through the repayment of the principal of the loans and the small interest on the principal. Such project related investment, or PRI activity, has been growing among many philanthropic organizations in recent years both as a mechanism for supporting social needs in the community and as part of the investment program of foundation endowments. These low interest loans to nonprofits will support projects such as building construction or reconstruction; site development, land or building acquisition; equipment purchases; operating and maintenance expenses; or working capital for a new project or initiative.

The Wells Board accepts loan applications from organizations troughout the year. Write to the Wells Load administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We ask that applicants send us a cover sheet with the loan request explaining:

> How their program will address the root cause of a social problem
> How they propose to create solutions with measurable outcomes
> What specific activities or programs they would like us to fund
> How they will report on their activities
> A proposal for repayment

The Loan Fund Committee members will work with applicants and will present applications along with recommendation for approval to the entire Wells Foundation Board. If we are considering your grant proposal Wells Foundation Board members will visit the grant applicants requesting over $10,000 as part of the review process. Please make certain to include all necessary contact information.