Board Member First-Time Login Notes

This menu and the materials herein are passworded owing to their internal focus and private nature. This approach is designed to be flexible and permit easy access to board member documents thereby eliminating the need to navigate in the Google documents space. You are encouraged to review the user documentation which can be accessed here.

NOTE: Depending upon both your browser and its settings you may find that after you come to this page (or the other board member pages) for a second time you are NOT asked for a user name and password. This is because — based on your browser and settings — the values for user name and password MAY BE STORED and automatically re-entered when you return to these pages. This can be changed by adjusting browser setting or clearing out your browser’s cache and history. Either way be assured that these pages and documents are NOT visible to the public.

Please pass on any suggestions for additional content, suggestions on presentation etc. to the webmaster.

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