Applying for Year 2020 Grants ~ July 1, 2019 to October 1, 2019

The focus of Wells Foundation grant-making

The mission and vision of Wells focus on:

  • Funding social initiatives through innovative and entrepreneurial action.
  • Selecting recipients for funding who use practical means to address identified needs, and who reach demonstrable goals.
  • Leveraging our contribution to organizations by coordinating with other foundations whenever possible.

In recent years our emphasis has been on initiatives to end homelessness among youth and veterans.


Our funding limit is $10,000 per applicant organization per year.

Application Procedures

The Wells Board accepts applications from organizations beginning July 1 and running through October 1 of each year.  During this period use the online application that will appear at the bottom of this page. We will acknowledge receipt of the application immediately and follow up with you within three weeks.

Submission Documents

The grant application should include only two documents as attachments to your email (described below). Documents must be in PDF format. These documents are:

1. The Minnesota Common Grant Application. The form is available online here.

The Minnesota Common Grant Application Form is designed to help make the grant-seeking process simpler and more efficient for nonprofits. The form can help reduce the amount of time grant-seekers must spend rearranging basic information from one proposal to the next to fit grantmakers’ varying application requirements. The Minnesota Council on Foundations introduced the Common Grant Application Form in 1996 and revised it in December 2000. The form was developed based on input from MCF members and representatives from the state’s nonprofit community.

2. Cover letter.  The second document should be a cover letter explaining:

  • How your program will address the root cause of a social problem
  • How your organization proposes to create solutions with measurable outcome
  • What specific activities or programs you would like us to fund
  • How you will report annually on their activities

Other Documents

If grant applicants wish for the Wells Foundation to review additional materials we prefer that these be links to pages on the respective organization’s website. One additional PDF document  (which can include multiple pages) may be submitted but we cannot guarantee that it will be reviewed.

NOTE: If you have additional, multiple documents that you would like to convert or combine into a single document to upload see the “Tips …” section that follows.

Tips for uploading documents in PDF format

If you do not have software on your local PC that can convert documents to PDF and/or join multiple PDFs into a single PDF please proceed as follows:

Convert SINGLE NON-PDF documents into PDF

This is the case where you are attempting to convert documents in Word, Excel, image, or other formats into PDF. Check out any of these free online tools. [NOTE: There are others – type in keywords “convert documents online to PDF” into your search engine].

Convert MULTIPLE PDF files into a SINGLE PDF

Again, check out any of these free online tools. [NOTE AGAIN: As suggested above you can find other tools by typing in keywords “online combine multiple files into one PDF” into your search engine].

As of July 2019 all of the online links above are active and have been tested out successfully.

Instructions for Completing the Form Below

  • Required fields are indicated by “*”.
  • The cover letter and application must be separate documents.
  • For the files you are uploading assure each file name begins with “2020” followed by an abbreviation or acronym for your organization — for example, “2020 ACGF cover letter.pdf“.
  • As noted above applications are accepted from July 1, 2019 through October 1, 2019.