Materials Submitted by Applicants Requesting Grants in 2020

Initial review of 2020 applicants by Grants Committee, October 12, 2019

Notes for the worksheet below:

  • This is a WIP workbook recording preliminary decisions from the 10/12/29 meeting.
  • There are slight changes on the “2020 Wells applicants” tab in the original workbook:
    • Columns have been shifted around for easier viewing.
    • An initial “Decision” column has been added.
    • A pale blue column informally recording “Thoughts” by the meeting attendees has been added.
  • A second “Summary” tab was added that breaks out and summarizes the initial decisions, including the amounts allocated.

Applications for grants to be awarded in January 2020

Questions and answers about the spreadsheets above

What is the background for this spreadsheet? Where do the data come from?  

Beginning in 2017 we created an online form using the “plugin” product WPForms. What follows are instructions on using the above spreadsheet for purposes of grant review.  Some of the excess verbiage has been removed since most of the grants committee members are already familiar with the process from last year.

How do I view the complete workbook online?

In the lower right-hand corner above there is a tiny icon that looks like one rectangle superimposed on another. Click on that icon and it will open up a new tab in your browser that explodes the workbook to cover the full screen.

Can we edit the workbook online? If not, can I download the workbook?

This online workbook is not editable from the website page. However, there is a “Download” link in the lower left corner above; there is a similar link on the new tab if you view the full-size workbook as mentioned above. Once the workbook is downloaded you can sort, filter, add columns etc.

How are the organization names sorted?

What you see above is sorted alphabetically by name of the group. Some organization names begin with “The”. So that the sorting doesn’t look screwy in those cases “The” was removed from the front end of the name and tacked it on at the end.

What are the links within the workbook?

There are 3 different kinds of links: email addresses, website URLs, and links to the individual documents people submitted (cover letter, MN Common Grant form, and “other” – the latter being optional). You can see these in blue above.  If you encounter any broken links notify the webmaster).

What is meant by “Entry Date” column (far right)?

“Entry date” is just an FYI and should have no bearing on decision-making. You might also see a group showing an October 2 date but that is a quirk of the hosting provider’s time zone (i.e., the location of the server off-shore). However, the automatically-generated acknowledgment email shows that the applicant actually made their submission on October 1.