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Materials related to concert

  • Information for inclusion in program

2019-10-14 Veterans Concert Program updated-HMcC’s brother, Kelm’s title (includes all changes to date: concert repertoire, donor names sorted, updated name of new St. Stephen’s speaker; mention of reception; clarifying free will offering occurs while “Apollo 13” is being played; adding Mark Kelm to program; adding contribution from Harriet McCleary; awaiting updated list of orchestra personnel).

History of donor giving (2012-2019) for veteran’s concert as of 9/23/2019

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Webmaster notes

  • Raw data based on Lin Shurtliff’s accounting transaction records for the years indicated.
  • Where her transactions had no name, they are collapsed under “Cash/anonymous/unknown”.
  • Wherever possible efforts have been made to remove duplicates. So, donor names differing only with obvious spelling inconsistencies were harmonized.  Same is true where one spouse is listed one year, another in a different year and so on (i.e., both spouses joined into one record for all transactions).
  • VFW names edited so all VFW transactions sort contiguously.
  • Attempt was made to sort by last name, but that was abandoned owing to issues with spouses having different names.
  • Goodale donations were triple-checked. There were 3 transactions for 2012; the transaction names weren’t consistent, but assumption is that all are concert-related. Moreover, at first glance it looks as though they DID NOT FUND 2015 – and yet PROBABLY THEY DID since there is a $6,000 donation tagged to the Cathedral. Record left as delivered in Lin’s records.

Introduction (updated 12/2/2017)

The attachments and descriptions below relate to publicity and communications for last year’s concert “Honoring Our Veterans”. Some context:

  1. Emails have been converted to PDF. These have been run through OCR software so you can search and copy text easily.
  2. Except as noted other documents are in Word, Excel and PowerPoint format. Bear in mind, however, that documents like the program and flyers were converted to PDF prior to being handed off for printing.
  3. Documents are presumed to be the “final” or “latest” version (i.e., not drafts)
  4. If you see anything that needs to be added, updated or corrected contact the webmaster.

Veterans groups

Concert program

Email items dispatched by Naomi Gordon September 2017 (attachments noted in italics)

updated 9-12-17 Emails to Grantees — Copy of 2017-08-28 email list for Holly, Naomi

11-12-17 Veterans Concert flyer

FINAL-2017 Mailing Labels for Sponsorship Letter, incls. Wells address for return (Avery 8160)(updated 8-16-17)

FINAL-2017 VFW Sponsorship Letter from Inez – with merge codes

FINAL-2017 VFWAddressfile (last updated 8-16-17 with correct addresses from returned envelopes)

Materials related to Minnesota Public Radio publicity

These documents are self-explanatory:

Communications with Steve Ramsey (orchestra conductor)

Email and attachment during which we confirmed both the repertoire and the personnel.  Steve’s

Email to orchestra members with flyer attachment (not included here — it was one of those noted above)