Veterans Online Fundraiser 2020

Honoring our Veterans Online Fundraiser Reaches $10,000!!

The Wells Foundation is pleased to report that this special fund raising project focused on homeless veteran support has reached $10,000! The recipients of support are The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MAC-V) and St. Stephen’s Human Services.

We are most grateful for the generosity of you, our donors.

  • Goodale Family Foundation – Veteran’s Concert Pledge – in memory of their dear parents, Kathie and Bob Goodale
  • James Davies & Gary Peterson – Veteran’s Concert Pledge – in memory of Kathie and Bob Goodale
  • VFW Post 494
  • Julie Neal & Molly Bott – In Honor of Donal Neal & in memory of Elizabeth Bott
  • Thomas Carlson – in Memory of Kathie Goodale
  • Allied Investors – In Memory of Kathy Goodale
  • Keep Zimmer Post #1782 – MN Assistance Council for Veterans
  • Thomas Trisko
  • Julie Neal & Molly Bott
  • John Nuechterlein
  • Gene Sandler
  • Susannah Smith
  • Roseville Anderson Nelson VFW Post 7555
  • Algot & Lewese Brant
  • Thomas & Linda Brandt
  • Lawrence or Patricia Clemens
  • Mary Hansley – Thanksgiving for Mary and Dave Nickels and their 53rd wedding anniversary today
  • Barbara Hanson – Dedicated to D. Donald Knowles, Jr., USMC
  • Inez Bergquist – in honor of Rolf Schey, US Army, Steve Schey, US Navy, Rolf Tjernagel, US Army
  • Melvin and Delores Sigel – In memory of Dr Ray Scallon, US Army, WWII, Bronze Star
  • Daniel Monson
  • John Ramsbottom
  • Sarah Cuningham
  • Donna Hogenson
  • Harriet McCleary – In memory of Robert D. McCleary, US Air Force
  • Scott or Patricia Davies
  • Elizabeth Nickel
  • Linda Mell
  • David & Mary Nickel
  • Linda Bogaard
  • Anne Nickel Hage