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Wells Foundation 2021 Veteran’s Support Fund Raiser

The Wells Foundation maintains an ongoing commitment to serving our communities with financial support year after year.  Grants are awarded based on degree of need. We are extremely proud of our over 100 years of giving to the needy in our communities and over 10 years of special support to our veterans.

This year we are once again reaching out to you to help support our Veterans Support fundraiser.  In the fall when our Twin Cities’ communities recognize our veterans, celebrate their service and draws attention to their needs, Wells Foundation conducts a special fundraiser to support homeless veterans.  We appeal to our generous community to help us reach our goal of $9,000 to divide between two organizations that focus on homeless veteran support.

The monies raised go to both the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MAC-V) and St. Stephen’s Human Services.   According to MAC-V, there are more than 200 homeless veterans in the Twin Cities. It is shocking to learn that 61% of these are over 55 years of age, and 51% identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Color. Our homeless and displaced veterans need your assistance again this year! Please go to our website wellsfound.org to make a contribution.

Thank you for your continued support!

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