About Us

Logo-Wells Foundation-a century of social innovationFor well over a century the Wells Foundation and its precursor programs at St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral have supported an outreach mission to the local community. Initially serving women immigrants and their families through various social programs in the late 19th century Wells has kept pace with evolving needs of the area in the 21st century.

The Wells Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports fundamental societal change through innovative and entrepreneurial action. We offer funding for change agent organizations who combine a vision of social transformation with creative and practical solutions. Check out a list of organizations funded in 2017 and a slide show illustrating their work. These 21 groups collectively received over $90,000 from the Wells endowment.

Funding is available mainly through grant applications that are accepted between June 1 and October 1 of each year. See the separate grants page describing forms, processes, and deadlines.

The Wells Foundation is a member of the Minnesota Council on Foundations and a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Service code.

Note regarding naming conventions on this website

Wells Memorial Incorporated is a Minnesota non-profit corporation and is doing business under the name Wells Foundation (and it is this name that is used throughout the website). While an independent entity, Wells Foundation is affiliated with St. Marks’s Episcopal Cathedral and all board members are members of the Cathedral.

NOTE: Some of the pages in this website contain links to PDF documents requiring Adobe Reader